A brief analysis of the working principle of the electric drain valve

- May 24, 2018-

Because of its compact structure, small size, light weight, and excellent sealing performance, the electric drain valve has been widely used in the automatic control of industries such as chemical, petroleum, pharmaceutical, and light industry, and has received extensive attention and love from market users. .

Electric sewage valve works:

Directly relying on the force generated by the medium pressure to help act on the mechanical seal on the flap, the mechanical load acting on the flap is mainly from the compression spring, which is almost a fixed mechanical load. Although for the compression spring, the loaded drain valve can achieve a good seal by adjusting the spring force, the seal pressure differential must be strong enough to ensure sufficient sealing force to achieve sealing during normal operation of the valve. The differential pressure of the seal should also be less than the pressure difference between opening and closing to ensure flexible opening.