How to choose electric valve and pneumatic valve correctly

- May 03, 2018-

How to choose electric valve and pneumatic valve correctly

One, the electric valve uses the motor to do the power, the pneumatic valve uses the compressed air to drive. 1, Electric valve advantages: The liquid medium and large diameter gas effect is good, not affected by the climate.

Not affected by the pressure of air pressure.


Disadvantages: High cost, bad in damp environment.

2, Pneumatic valve advantages: The gas medium and small pipe diameter liquid effect is good, low cost, easy maintenance.


Disadvantages: Under the influence of air pressure fluctuation, in the northern winter is susceptible to air pressure water, resulting in the transmission part of the freeze, do not move.


How to choose electric valve and pneumatic valve correctly Second, the general aerodynamic than electric fast, electric are both flashlight dual-use.  


and pneumatic to hand, gas dual-use price is higher. Third, the electric valve for some large diameter of the place, because the pneumatic is difficult to do, but the stability of the electric valve is not as good as the pneumatic, slow switch speed, the implementation of a long time will appear card teeth phenomenon.


Pneumatic valve switch speed, high precision, but need a stable gas source.


Four, the electric valve action slow electric valve can do explosion-proof brand is not many; pneumatic valve fast, explosion-proof relative to the price than the electric bottom (key pneumatic valve with what accessories, with a large brand attachment will be more expensive than the electric valve).

Related to the chain of valves also used electric, why?  

1, according to local weather and climate, if the climate humid pneumatic valve can not be used, because the gas source with water.


2, the electric valve can also achieve interlocking function will not increase the cost, pneumatic implementation interlock will increase the retention valve, increase the cost.

    Advantages and disadvantages of electric valves and pneumatic valves: Under what circumstances need to use electric valve instead of pneumatic, when the need to use pneumatic without electric valve, what are their advantages and disadvantages, price.


    Pneumatic valve action Force distance than electric valve large, pneumatic valve switch speed can be adjusted, simple structure, easy to maintain, the movement process due to the gas itself buffering characteristics, not easy because of the damage caused by the jammed, but must have an air source, and its control system is also more complex than the electric valve. Electric valve by electric drive, in the case of explosion-proof requirements do not apply, such as the surrounding environment in the dispersion of a large number of easy to dye the gas, you can only rely on pneumatic. The aerodynamic response time is slower than the electric, the electric precision is inferior, the pneumatic valve is driven by the gas.


    And the electric valve is electrically converted to electromagnetic energy as a power, the sensitivity of the electric valve is higher than the pneumatic valve, the safety and reliability of the pneumatic valve than the strong, maintenance is not as simple as the pneumatic valve, the power is not as strong as the pneumatic valve. The control of pneumatic valve is more complicated than that of electric valve. And the cost is very expensive, if it involves automatic control, must add electromagnetic directional valve, and electromagnetic directional valve sensitivity directly affects the pneumatic valve.  


    I prefer the first floor. As long as there is electricity on the use of electric valves, in some factories, many tools and equipment are compressed air, in this case may use pneumatic valves, because there are ready-made. Responsive, safe and reliable, many of the high control requirements of the plant for pneumatic instrumentation control components set compressed air station. Electricity is needed for electric. Pneumatic valve is better than the electric valve is good but to the gas source so in the inconvenient place with electric valve gas source is not the place of electric valve.