Three Kinds of New Valves for Special Purposes

- May 23, 2018-

MVB Mini Series Brass Ball Valve

The MVB mini series brass ball valve is suitable for narrow, confined spaces where large valves cannot be used. The use of threaded process connections makes installation very easy. Pure PTFE seats have a wide range of applications and close-closed features. The double seal system allows the valve to operate in both directions.

The technical parameters of this product are as follows:

Medium: gas, liquid, not suitable for steam

Terminal connection: NPT

Pressure range: -29"Hg~450psi(-736mmHg~31bar)(CWP)

Temperature range: -4oF to 250oF (-20oC to 121oC)

CONVAL Valves Introduces Cryogenic Valve for -160°C

Conval introduced the Clampseal high-pressure cryogenic valve, which is suitable for use at temperatures as low as -160°C. This temperature can liquefy nitrogen and is widely used in the freezing process in the fields of liquefied natural gas, industry, heat treatment and evaporation. The product features include a pressure-sealed bonnet, a hard alloy seat surface, a single-piece packing gland, on-line maintenance, and a two-year warranty.

The technical parameters of this product are as follows:

Size: 1/2" to 4"

Connection method: socket welding, butt weld or other connection

Pressure Ratings: ASME1500, 2500; ANSI B31.3; ANSI B16.34; MSS SP-84

Standard material: forged stainless steel, SA 182, F316

DeZURIK pump protection method

Many phenomena can cause huge damage to the pump and piping systems, such as water hammer, reverse flow, and pump reversal. DeZURIK has been providing solutions for pumping systems for 75 years. It can provide a customized design system for precise flow control problems, or its pump protection valve can provide more significant advantages than a check valve or spring return operated valve.

A typical application of a pump protection valve system is for municipal design. Of course, the valve industry is suitable for industrial production systems, such as a main cooling tower in a power station.