V-type ball valve with the valve locator supporting the use of proportional adjustment can be achieved

- May 05, 2018-

 V-Type ball valve product Features: The V-type ball valve is an advanced control valve of a right-angle rotating structure.


  V-type ball valve does not need to repair for a long time, long service life, provides you with a truly efficient control of the process of a valve.


  V-type ball valve with excellent regulation characteristics, pneumatic regulating V-type ball valve has an approximate equal percentage flow characteristics and up to 300:1 of the adjustable ratio. Therefore, V-type ball valve can provide accurate control in the range of wide-pair change. V-type ball valve and valve locator supporting the use, can achieve proportional adjustment, with two-bit five-pass solenoid valve and control box supporting the use, can realize switch control. V-type ball valve core is designed with a special shape of V-shaped notch, with accurate interception properties and control functions, suitable for various control occasions, with a rated flow coefficient of large, adjustable proportion of large, excellent sealing performance, compact structure, small size, can be installed vertical horizontal and other advantages. Applicable gases, liquids,


  Control of solid granular media. Because there is no clearance between the valve core and the seat, therefore, it has great shearing force and self-cleaning property, especially suitable for suspension and solid particle control containing fibrous or small solid particles. Therefore, this product is widely used in petroleum, chemical, electric power, papermaking, metallurgy and other industries.


  The maximum flow volume, because of its streamline line of the layman and the full angle of rotation control reasons, so that the maximum volume value, especially large circulation capacity, small flow resistance, so you can use a smaller and more economical use of valve size.


  The pneumatic regulating V-type ball valve adopts double bearing structure, high mechanical stability and small starting torque, which ensures the valve has good sensitivity and induction speed.


  Maximum reliability (safety), valve body is a whole structure, rugged, operation is not affected by pipe pressure, and can avoid valve body leakage.


  Metal valve seat of superior sealing, pneumatic adjustment v-type ball valve with movable metal seat, with self-service compensation function, and has excellent sealing performance and long service life. Super shearing ability, pneumatic regulating V-type ball valve with metal hard seal structure, V-type valve core and metal valve seat in the rotary process, V-type notch and valve seat to produce a strong shearing force can cut off the fiber and other impurities, and has self-cleaning function, to avoid the phenomenon of valve card die.