Valve Inspection

- Apr 30, 2018-

(1) Valve installation should be carried out before the appearance of quality inspection, valve body should be intact, open the mechanism should be flexible, stem without skew, deformation, card astringent phenomenon, the signs should be complete.

(2) valve should be the shell test pressure and seal test, valve shell pressure test and seal test should be clean water as the medium, stainless steel valve test, the water in the chlorine ion content must not exceed 25ppm.

(3) The valve shell test pressure is the valve at 20 ℃ maximum allowable working pressure 1.5 times times, seal test for the valve at 20 ℃ maximum allowable working pressure of 1.1 times times, the test duration must not be less than 5min, the test temperature is 5~40℃, less than 5 ℃, should take temperature-warming measures. (4) The safety valve calibration should be in accordance with the current national standards and design documents to adjust the pressure adjustment and sealing test. Safety valve should be well documented, sealed, issued a check report.