Valve quality has several measures

- May 04, 2018-

 Valve is the control of the fluid pipeline, so the quality of the valve in the use of time is critical, then the quality of the valve in production from those aspects to measure it?

  To this Tianjin butterfly valve factory to make the following explanation.

  1. Switch control including Tianjin butterfly valve, including the use of various valves, valve switch control and sealing is the main point of the important. Valve switch directly affects the production, transportation and a series of production.

  Therefore, valve switching control is one of the most important measures for quality evaluation of valves.

  Measurement method: Tianjin-like Germany valve in the production of the valve sealed pressure test, if the valve switch is feasible and in the test pressure when there is no leakage, will be allowed to leave the factory.

  If the experiment does not meet the requirements, then the product needs to check, maintain, pressure to ensure that each valve switch has a reliable quality assurance.

  2. Valve Strength The valve is the control part of the fluid pipe, so there is a corresponding medium through the valve when using. If the valve body, disc and sealing surface can not meet the corresponding requirements, it will make the valve corrosion situation, resulting in the production process is affected. Generally speaking, the requirements for valve strength are mainly from the medium temperature, corrosion, pressure and other conditions to carry out a comprehensive consideration.

  Like Germany valve staff in providing customers with product quotes and other services, will and customers to confirm valve conditions for customers to provide the most suitable products.

  3, Vibration

  When the valve is open and closed due to the flow of the media, there will be water hammer effect, although the impact on the valve is small, but the damage to the fluid pipeline is relatively large, so in the production of valves need producers to take into account the issue of the emergence and response.

  4, leakage

  Leakage is mainly divided into two types, one is the leakage of an external leakage.

  The leakage is mainly caused by improper installation, so the workers are required to install the valve in accordance with the installation requirements to avoid the appearance of leakage. Leakage is mainly due to the valve tightness caused by lax, can be divided into production and installation is not correct two. Like Germany valve production of all valves in the production will be carried out two test pressure, strict guarantee valve sealing.

  If the customer after the product due to installation caused by leakage, like Germany valve will be professional after-sale staff for the customer product after the installation of guidance services to help customers correct installation of valves to prevent the emergence of leakage. What are the measures of valve quality? The above is the detailed answer to this question. If you have valve products in the work of the need, you can through our Tianjin-like valve website for product selection, you can also through our hotline 400-688-0897 get the products you need quotation, selection and other services. Like Germany valve to provide customers with satisfactory value service.