What factors determine the quality of the gearbox?

- Apr 14, 2018-

1. Whether the product design is scientific, such as the design life of the product, the use of materials, the design of waterproof performance, and the details to control the product quality, should be considered by the engineer at the time of design.

2. Whether it has undergone rigorous testing, whether the torque, efficiency, and speed ratio of the gearbox have been tested by the equipment.

3. Whether the material of the components is optimal or not, and whether the performance of each component material is qualified.

A. Cabinet: In the corrosive environment, it is recommended to use stainless steel; in the low temperature environment, it is recommended to select LCB, LC1, etc., and choose WCB or GGG45 in the conventional environment. WCB is superior to ductile iron in terms of strength. When the motor rotates at a high speed, the box will not break, and its mechanical properties are better than that of the ductile material. Of course, there are also higher grades than the WCB, but the cost will be higher than WCB.

B. Gears: Always wear-resistant materials: bronze, copper-clad, ductile iron. If the valve is frequently opened and closed, and the motor rotates at a high speed, it is recommended to use a full copper or copper-enveloped worm gear. Conventional ductile iron can be used.

 C. Worm: There is no worm gear so simple, conventional selection of 45 # steel, after quenching and high frequency quenching and then grinding, large torque 20CrMnTi material worm gear and bronze worm gear, two-stage deceleration using spur gear reducer, wear resistance and Transmission efficiency can be significantly improved.

D. Bearings: The first choice is the type of bearing, the precision of the machining of bearing positions, the position of the worm bearing, and the bearing position of the worm gear box to ensure the stability of the gearbox. The quality of the bearing is also the key to the service life of the gear box. When the poor bearing experiences torque, it will cause jamming and locking. It will rapidly reduce the service life of the gear box. It is generally recommended to use well-known brands.

E. Seal: The common gearbox protection class is IP65. To prevent high temperature oil leakage, it is recommended to use sealant and gasket. If it is required to be submerged due to the working environment, the IP68 protection level needs to select the type of seal according to the operating conditions.

F, grease: a good grease will play a role in the protection of gears, worm, poor worm gear will change from paste to a solid several times, so that the gear box is worn out, leading to scrap. In the selection of grease, first consider the use of conditions, combined with the actual choice.