Which kind of ceramic material does the valve need to make?

- May 17, 2018-

If you want to choose the right ceramic material, first of all, you need to be clear about which kinds of ceramic materials you can choose, and what their respective characteristics are. After a comprehensive comparison, the ceramic material that matches the actual needs can be found. With the advancement of technology, the types of ceramic materials are more and more, but we are still mainly aluminum oxide ceramics, zirconia ceramics and silicon nitride ceramics. If we say that we must use them now, what kind of ceramic material is it?

    Among the several existing ceramic materials, the properties are different. Alumina ceramics is a type of material in which the cost is relatively low, and it has a good high temperature resistance, so it is still relatively popular among users. Only its low bending strength limits its application.

    Zirconia ceramics make up for the lack of bending strength of alumina ceramics. Among these materials, it is a ceramic material with good mechanical properties at room temperature. Many valves, such as ball valves, valve seats, and disc valves, are made of zirconia ceramics. To talk about silicon nitride ceramics, it should highlight the high temperature, although the performance is an ideal ceramic material, but because of the cost is too high to affect its use.