Application Range Of Safety Valve

- May 08, 2018-

Safety valves are suitable for clean, particle-free, low-viscosity fluids. Where a safety relief device must be installed and where the safety valve is not suitable for installation, a bursting disc or safety valve should be installed in series with the rupture disc.

Containers must be fitted with safety valves in one of the following situations:

1. Independent pressure system (separate valve from other systems). The system refers to full gas phase, full liquid phase or gas phase connectivity;

2. Where there is no safety valve at the pressure source of the container;

3. Design containers and pipelines with pressure less than the pressure source;

4. Volumetric pump and compressor outlet piping;

5, due to the accumulation of non-condensable gas to produce overpressure containers;

6. If there is a shut-off valve or a control valve on the outlet pipe of the heating furnace, a safety valve shall be installed upstream of the valve;

7, due to process accidents, self-control accidents, electrical accidents, fire accidents and public works accidents caused by overpressure parts;

8, the liquid due to the closure of the two ends of the valve and the thermal expansion of the site;

9. Steam outlet pipe of gas turbine;

10. In some cases, due to the leakage of the pump outlet check valve, a safety valve is provided on the inlet piping of the pump.