Germany GSR High Temperature Solenoid Valve Is What Kind Of Valve?

- Apr 28, 2018-

Germany GSR high temperature solenoid valve is what kind of valve?  High temperature solenoid valve diameter range dn1~dn300 power supply voltage dc12~220v; ac24~380v applicable medium water, vapor, oil, corrosive fluid, such as temperature range 0~ (+120, +200, +250) protection performance dustproof, waterproof, explosion-proof.

According to the working conditions Select pressure Range 0~2.5mpa control mode is often open, often closed, self-maintained wiring mode connection seat type; GSR Solenoid valve GSR VALVE Technology Co., Ltd. was founded in 1971 by Mr. W.niemann, specializing in GSR solenoid valve, pneumatic valves, electric valves, such as valve product development and manufacturing. In addition to more than 2000 kinds of conventional products, can also provide, high-temperature (350 ℃), high pressure (350bar) and large caliber (DN400) solenoid valve and pneumatic valve, electric valve, and according to user requirements, design special specifications of electric valves for a variety of medium and high temperature, atmospheric pressure, high-pressure occasions, suitable for medium and high temperature hot water , High-temperature steam, saturated steam, superheated steam and heat conduction oil pipelines, such as automatic control; widely used in kiln equipment, drying equipment, petrochemical, bio-pharmaceutical, HVAC, electroplating coating, rubber and plastic machinery, food and beverage, paper, dyeing and power mining industries, automation control engineering, project transformation and equipment supporting the preferred products. Special occasions can continue to power for a long time, using all-metal sealing, medium fluid temperature up to 450 ℃. Liquid, steam and condensate, oil can be mixed use, more improve the use of electromagnetic valve different media use, the use of targeted sealing, more improve the rationality of solenoid valve.

The use of novel and ingenious valve core structure and installation of heat dissipation device, so that more compact structure, weight is similar products One-third, the use of stainless steel piston structure, valve core wear can be automatically compensated, more improve the life and reliability of solenoid valve, can continue to work frequently. High temperature solenoid valve is a pilot direct-action solenoid valve, which is widely used in ship heavy industry, testing equipment, heating equipment, hydraulic equipment, working temperature in 300 ℃ heat conduction system. such as the drainage system of power station suction pipe and evaporator exhaust systems, mainly to the medium in the pipeline for dual-position automatic adjustment and remote control.