How To Maintain Pneumatic Control Valve?

- Apr 18, 2018-

The trapezoidal thread of the pneumatic regulating valve, the valve stem nut and the slide position of the bracket, the meshing part of the bearing part, the gear and the worm, the worm, and other cooperating parts, all need to have good lubrication condition, reduce the friction between the parts and avoid the serious wear and tear. Some parts of pneumatic control valve are specially equipped with oil cups or grease, if damaged or lost in operation, it needs to be repaired in time, the circuit to ensure dredging. Lubrication parts should be in accordance with the specific conditions of regular refueling.


      Often open, high temperature valve preferably interval of one week to one months refueling once; for not often open, the temperature is not high valve refueling cycle can be appropriate longer. Pneumatic control valve is compressed gas as the power source, the cylinder as the actuator, and with the help of Valve locator, converter, solenoid valve, holding valve, gas tank, gas filter and other accessories to drive the valve, to achieve the switch or proportional adjustment, receiving the Industrial automation control system control signal to complete the regulation of pipeline media: flow, pressure, temperature, liquid level and other process parameters.


      Pneumatic regulating valve is characterized by simple control, rapid reaction, and intrinsically safe, no need to take additional explosion-proof measures. Lubricants include butter, oil, disulfide keys and graphite. High-temperature valves are not suitable for oil, butter, they will be lost because of high temperature melting, but should be injected into the second key and rub graphite powder. For the bare outside of the need to lubricate the parts, such as trapezoidal thread, gear and other parts, if the use of grease, such as butter, easily contaminated with dust, and the use of the second key and graphite powder lubrication, it is not easy to contaminate the dust, lubrication effect than butter better. Graphite powder is not suitable for direct smear, can use a little oil or water to adjust the composition of paste. The oil-sealed plug valve needs to be injected at the specified time, otherwise it will be easily worn and leaked.