How To Prolong The Service Life Of Zirconia Ceramic Valves

- Apr 20, 2018-

Zirconia Ceramic Valve Installation Working conditions are extremely complex, once there are problems, because of its bulky, the problem is difficult to find, often let people helpless, but also involved in system operation, system integrity, quality control, environmental pollution and other issues. Therefore, the life of zirconia ceramics is very important, then how to prolong the service life of zirconia ceramic valve?

The following metalworking precision for you to introduce.

1. Cleaning pipe

Pipe in the solder slag, rust, lime slurry solidified slag, wire, cloth, etc. in the throttle, guide the site caused by ceramic valve plug or Die to make the valve core fragmentation, often occurs in the new operation system and after the overhaul of the initial operation this is the most common fault.

2, enlarge the caliber to mention

In the case of the same flow, the smaller the diameter of the ceramic valve, the faster the flow velocity, the media on the ceramic valve core and seal of the more severe erosion.

3. Transfer damage Location

Transfer the ceramic valve to a secondary position to protect the seal face and throttle surface of the spool seat.

4. Change valve Structure

The ceramic control valve is originally used two-piece structure, for the ceramic valve structure more reasonable, changed to now commonly used three-piece structure.

5, increase the opening of the work When starting to use ceramic valves, try to work on the maximum opening, such as 80%. In this way, the initial impurities in the pipeline erosion, wear and other damage occurred in the ceramic valve core outside the damaged part of the place, clear the impurities in the pipeline, and then the opening of the ceramic valve to adjust to the normal opening slightly larger place, with the fluid on the ceramic valve core damage, flow increased, the corresponding reduction of opening, so that the continuous destruction, gradually closed, So that the entire ceramic valve core fully utilized until the ceramic valve core root and seal surface damage, can not be used so far.