LPG Pressure Reducing Valve Should Be Replaced For Two Years

- Mar 09, 2018-

Connect the valve and the cooker inlet of the guide pipe at both ends to be installed and clamp tightly to prevent falling off, preferably one time a year to replace the trachea, every two years to replace the pressure relief valve, can not disassemble the decompression valve.

Pressure relief valve installed in place, after each use, remember to close the angle valve and cooker switch to avoid leakage.

Cylinders should be placed upright, away from the heat source, should not be poured or heated (very dangerous), do not be exposed to the cylinder or confined space.

In the use of liquefied gas, it is best not to leave, so as to avoid the overflow of the soup caused by the leakage of fire.

Cylinder should be safe distance from the cooker (more than 1 meters), the hose should not be too long (more than 2 meters), also not directly from the lower part of the cooker through.

The use of expired cylinders or scrap cylinders is strictly prohibited, and expired cylinders and scrap cylinders have great safety risks.

Do not use no filling station identification, no sealing, no certification and other unknown sources of liquefied gas, safety and quality is not guaranteed.