Pressure Regulator Valve Working Principle And Working Characteristics

- May 27, 2018-

What are the principles and characteristics of the decompression regulator valve? The decompression regulator valve is a hydraulic control valve. It automatically adjusts the water pressure at the outlet of the valve through a regulating valve and a valve pilot. It is a highly efficient and energy-saving automatic control system. valve. The valve is strictly in accordance with the national valve production standards, combined with advanced manufacturing technology, production and sales of decompression regulator valve, has a unique role in the regulation of water pressure in the upper reaches of a variety of domestic water supply pipeline networks and high-rise building pipelines, becoming a A wide range of excellent hydraulic control valves with excellent performance.


Pressure relief valve principle:


The decompression regulator valve is provided with a standard value of the pipe pressure of an outlet pipe before operation. This value can be adjusted by adjusting the pilot valve spring. Pressure regulator valve outlet valve designed with a pressure conduit, when the pipeline medium flows through the valve, the pressure conduit will work with the outlet pressure changes, when the outlet side of the pipeline pressure is greater than the preset value, the pilot valve will automatically close, so that To stop the valve body control room from draining, the pressure in the control room will increase, the main valve will close, stop the flow of water, and ensure that the pressure at the outlet end of the pipeline is below the normal level.


When the water pressure at the outlet end falls to the normal level with the loss of water at the outlet end, the pilot valve opens again, allowing the water flow out of the control room, reducing the water pressure in the control room, and opening the main valve to allow the pipeline to return to circulation. Under normal water pressure conditions, the needle valve inlet volume and the pilot valve discharge volume of the valve control room are equal, and the valve is normally open.


Decompression regulator valve features:


The scientific design of the structure is that the decompression regulator valve can control the opening and closing of the valve stably and accurately, and the water pressure of the outlet can still be controlled stably under the condition that the water pressure at the inlet end changes frequently. After setting the pressure standard, the valve can work automatically, no need for secondary control of manpower, and it is easy to use. The internal passage of the valve is straight, which has little blocking effect on the medium and can maintain the transportation efficiency of the pipeline.