Valve Used For A Long Time To Rely On Daily Careful Maintenance And Maintenance

- May 06, 2018-

The main function of the valve is isolating equipment and piping system, regulating flow rate, preventing backflow, regulating and discharging pressure, it is the control element of fluid piping system, the function is serious, so it is necessary to pay attention to the maintenance and maintenance of valve during the normal use.

below to introduce the valve daily maintenance methods.

The daily maintenance work of valve

1, valve storage environment should pay attention to, should be stored in the dry ventilated indoor, and plug the ends of the channel.

2, the valve should be inspected regularly, and remove the dirt on it, apply the antirust oil on its surface.

3, the installation of the application of the valve, should be regularly repaired to ensure that its normal work.

4, should check whether the valve sealing surface wear, and according to the situation for maintenance or replacement.

5, check the stem and stem nut trapezoidal thread wear, filler is obsolete and so on, and make the necessary replacement.

6. The sealing performance of the valve should be tested to ensure its performance.

7, the operation of the valve should be intact, flange and bracket on the bolt complete, the thread non-destructive, there is no loosening phenomenon.

8, such as hand wheel loss, should be timely, and not be able to use a live wrench instead.

9, the packing gland is not allowed to skew or no preload clearance.

10, if the valve use environment is more bad, easy to rain and snow, dust, sand and other dirt contamination, it should be the valve STEM installation protection cover.

11, the valve on the ruler should be kept intact, accurate, clear, valve seals, caps.

12, insulation jacket should be no dents, cracks.

13, the operation of the valve, to avoid the beat, or support heavy objects.

Second, the valve grease when the maintenance work Before the welding before the production and commissioning of the valve professional maintenance work, for the valve service in the production operation plays a vital role, correct and orderly and effective maintenance will protect the valve, so that the normal function of the valve and prolong the service life of the valve. Valve maintenance work seems simple, but it is not.

There are often neglected aspects of work.

First, the valve injection of grease, often ignore the problem of the amount of fat. After filling the grease gun, the operator chooses the valve and the grease-filling connection method, carries on the grease-filling operation. There are two kinds of situation: on the one hand, low fat injection, sealing surface due to lack of lubricant and speed up wear. On the other hand, excessive injection of fat, resulting in waste. is not according to the type of valve, the different valve sealing capacity for accurate calculation.

Can be the size and type of valve to calculate the sealing capacity, and then reasonable injection of the appropriate amount of grease.

Second, the valve grease, often ignore the pressure problem. In the fat-filling operation, the pressure of the injection of fat in the peak and valley changes regularly. Pressure is too low, seal leakage or failure pressure is too high, grease mouth plug, sealed with lipid hardening or seal ring and valve ball, valve plate embrace death. Usually when the injection pressure is too low, the grease injected into the valve cavity at the bottom, generally occurs in small valve. And the grease pressure is too high, on the one hand check the grease mouth, if the grease hole obstruction to ascertain the situation to replace; On the other hand, lipid hardening, to use cleaning fluid, repeatedly soften the failure of the sealing grease, and inject new grease replacement. In addition, sealing model and sealing material, but also affect the pressure injection, different sealing forms have different injection pressure, the general situation of hard sealing grease pressure than soft seals.