What Are The Main Causes Of Solenoid Valve Clogging?

- May 20, 2018-

The main reason for the blockage of the electromagnetic valve is that the impurities in the cassette enter the electromagnetic valve during the exhaust process of the sterilizer, so that the movable plunger inside is stuck, and the electromagnetic valve cannot be opened or closed, so that the sterilizer cannot be normal. jobs. The main reasons for this failure are as follows:

     1. The instrument that needs to be sterilized has a residue during the cleaning process. During the sterilizing process, the residue remains in the solenoid valve during the exhaust process. This phenomenon is particularly serious in the dental department.

     2. Before the start of sterilization, chemical indicator cards need to be put into cassettes to carry out chemical monitoring of the sterilizers. Most of the chemical indicator cards put into the hospital are bag-in cards. Such indicator cards are not waterproof. After wetting, there will be microscopic residues in the cassette. If it is not cleaned in time, it may block the solenoid valve.

     3. Oxidation of the wall of the steam generator, spraying steam into the cassette and spraying it together with the oxide powder into the cassette. When the powder is oxidized through the solenoid valve during the exhaust process, the plunger is stuck inside, so that the temperature cannot be raised normally and the sterilization cycle cannot be completed.