Adjusting method of abnormal vibration of regulating valve

- Apr 25, 2018-

Vibration control Valve is one of the most difficult problems in valve operation. Vibration not only accelerates the damage of the regulating valve, but also affects the product quality and safety production.

In this paper, based on the research of Intelligent Locator, the precautions and methods for dealing with vibration problems in field are given.

Leak of actuator


Due to the leakage of the actual valve position deviation from the given valve position, resulting in the servo amplifier repeatedly inflated, so that the valve can not be stabilized in a given valve position, resulting in valve vibration.

2.1 Leak site

(1) Pneumatic film actuator

Pneumatic film actuator diaphragm breakage, push rod and spring tray loose, O-ring breakage, reaction actuator and the lower film cover seal leakage between the sealing, usually V-shaped seal ring wear, the top-mounted handwheel mechanism Upper film cover seal leak.

(2) Direct stroke cylinder Actuator

Straight Stroke cylinder actuator (including for the fork-type angular travel actuator) of the piston seal ring leakage (leakage), piston cylinder head seal leak, limit screw sealing components leak, the output shaft and cylinder head between seal leakage.

(3) Double rack structure angular travel actuator

The double rack structure angular stroke actuator's piston back seal ring is leaking, the cylinder head and the cylinder body seal ring leak, the output shaft and the cylinder body connection's upper and lower support seal ring is leaking, the cap screws on the cylinder cover are leaking.

(4) External accessories

External accessories such as each locator output pipeline connector leakage, gas-controlled growth device or relay, quick-discharge valve, one-way speed regulator and leak-protection valve.

2.2 Air leakage Treatment

For different air leakage phenomenon, the treatment method is different.

(1) If the valve does not have a strict switch time limit, should be as far as possible to reduce the pneumatic accessories and process connectors, such as the cancellation of fast valve, gas-controlled growth, one-way speed regulator, variable diameter and curved pass and other ancillary components.

(2) Regular cleaning and filling lubricating oil, keep putter, valve stem clean without rust, chrome layer does not start the skin, lubrication full, to ensure that seals do not wear, not leak.

(3) inspection, the pneumatic film actuator exhaust port (positive exhaust port in the next film cover, the reaction in the upper film cover) and single acting piston cylinder vent and other parts of the leak detection, found leakage timely repair treatment.

Regulating valve Plug