Installation code and Essentials of proportional control valve

- Apr 26, 2018-

Proportional control valve is a wide range of application of the valve, the valve category is also more, mainly in some medical, water treatment, food production industry is more common, for the proportional control valve before installation and installation needs in strict accordance with the manufacturers of the establishment of installation code and the use of norms to carry out, It is particularly important to note that the proportional control valve of the electric valve outside the body there are actuators, because the installation of a number of requirements, most will be down into the water is installed in the backwater.

For the proportional control valve in the installation of the environment has been applied and good installation procedures are inseparable, at the same time we have a lot of installation needs to pay attention to the matter is that we know.

"Proportional Control Valve Installation Considerations":

1, proportional control valve installation should be upright and vertical installation in a relatively horizontal pipeline, for a certain nominal flow valve remember to be in the valve before and after the pipe set up a fixed bracket;

2, for the regulator has not yet installed valve locator, in the case of appropriate conditions for the word AH film Head components to install the micro-pressure gauge control signal;

3, pay attention to the use of silencers in the valve vent need to check the silencer regularly, because it may reduce the reaction speed of the device;

4, for the control valve below and before the installation should be reserved position, to facilitate the future maintenance of the removal of such as flange and the implementation of institutions to facilitate;

5, adjust the valve before installation remember to carefully check and data proofing, and the connection of the pipeline to clean up before installation;

6, the position of the valve installation should be convenient for later maintenance, convenient maintenance personnel operation, sometimes may also need to set up a special maintenance platform 7, the next in the valve installation process needs to be opened debugging, if some of the operating environment of the control valve vibration situation, you also need to consider doing some of the installation of shockproof measures.