Application of Hot Gas Bypass Solenoid Valve in Refrigeration System

- Jun 03, 2018-

Solenoid valves are widely used in liquid pipes, suction pipes, and hot gas lines of refrigeration systems. When installed in the liquid pipes of refrigeration systems, they can be used to shut off the liquid pipes in time when they stop, preventing the liquid refrigerant from entering the evaporator and compressor after shutdown. . Connecting the solenoid valve between the exhaust pipe and the return pipe serves as a bypass to regulate the load of the refrigeration system. More refrigeration technology information, please pay attention to refrigeration Encyclopedia WeChat public number: hvacrbk.

The electromagnetic valve mainly has three major components, namely the electromagnetic coil, the valve core and the valve piece. Normally open solenoid valves or normally closed solenoid valves can be selected as required. When the coil is energized, the valve can be closed or opened through the valve plug. More refrigeration technology information, please pay attention to refrigeration Encyclopedia WeChat public number: hvacrbk.

Solenoid valve connection

Xinyi now uses more of the gaseous refrigerant used to bypass the high temperature and high pressure of the exhaust pipe to the low pressure side. According to the different positions of pipelines, the results of bypassing are not the same. The position of the bypass solenoid valve on the high pressure side can be anywhere on the pipeline before entering the condenser. One type of connection to the low pressure side is connected to the line at the outlet of the thermal expansion valve, so that high temperature and high pressure hot gas passing from the high pressure side enters into the evaporator, increasing the load of the evaporator and preventing evaporation. Because of the drop in evaporation pressure, the evaporator may cause the evaporator to be frozen. At the same time, the outlet temperature and pressure of the evaporator are also increased, and the operating conditions of the compressor under low temperature operation are improved.

The other way is to connect the suction pipe directly to the compressor through the suction pipe without passing through the evaporator. The high-temperature and high-pressure hot gas mixes with the low-temperature and low-pressure gaseous refrigerant coming out of the evaporator to improve the compressor. Suction pressure, but at the same time there will be negative effects, excessive suction temperature will cause damage to the compressor operation, may shorten the life of the compressor. Therefore, the second bypass method also requires adding a spray cooling solenoid valve. When the suction temperature is too high, the solenoid valve can be controlled to reduce the suction temperature of the compressor.

The use of electromagnetic bypass valve

What products are currently using hot gas bypass valves? For machines that require precise control of water temperature, it is necessary to increase the hot gas bypass valve to control the load of the evaporator and avoid frequent start-stop of the compressor. Therefore, if the load of the evaporator is not controlled, as the water temperature decreases, The evaporating pressure also decreases, and the evaporating temperature reaches the operating point set by the anti-freezing switch (the freezing temperature of the Shining chiller is generally set at 4°C) and the machine operation will be stopped. Since the compressor will have a delay of three minutes each time, the water temperature of the water tank cannot be controlled during this time. With the increase of the external load, the water temperature will continue to rise. When the compressor is started again, it will take a period of time to cool it. Re-cool the tank water to the desired water temperature. Under the condition that the water temperature is relatively high, if the bypass valve is not used to regulate the operation of the compressor, the demand cannot be satisfied.