Deep-sea valve actuator of bidirectional pressure dynamic balance compensation device

- Jun 01, 2018-

There is no limit to creativity, and instrumentation is invented. Today, we will introduce a deep-sea valve actuator for a national invention-invented patent - a bladder-type bidirectional pressure dynamic balance compensation device. The patent was applied for by China National Offshore Oil Corporation and was authorized on June 6, 2017.

    Content Description

    The invention relates to a deep-sea valve actuator, in particular to a deep-sea valve actuator of a bladder-type two-way pressure dynamic balance compensation device.

    Background of the invention

    China's offshore oil and gas exploration and development started relatively late and lacked the key technologies and equipment for offshore oil and underwater equipment with independent intellectual property rights, and basically relied on imports. With the strategic shift of China’s oil exploration and development to the oceans, the demand for offshore oil equipment has increased further and it is more dependent on foreign technology and equipment. Therefore, no matter whether it is from the perspective of national energy security or from the future development of equipment manufacturing industry. It is imminent to develop drilling and mining equipment suitable for China's oil and gas exploration and development.

    Valve actuators used in the deep sea, in addition to the hydraulic pressure control pressure chamber, the whole body of the valve actuator body also has to withstand external water pressure. If the non-control pressure chamber inside the actuator does not adopt pressure balance compensation, the non-control pressure chamber inside the actuator will cause a certain amount of negative reaction back pressure when the pressure is applied to the pressure control chamber and the internal chamber is closed. The actuator is prevented from operating; at the same time, the housing will be subjected to pressure from external water pressure on one side, resulting in inconsistent internal and external pressures and a tendency to crush the housing. In order to ensure the safety of the housing, it is necessary to increase the housing wall thickness, resulting in external dimensions. And increase in weight, increase manufacturing costs.

    In order to achieve the pressure balance compensation, the deep-sea valve actuator is simply connected to the external seawater with a diversion (pressure) hole like the actuator on land, and the seawater is directly introduced into the internal chambers of the actuator. Although internal and external pressure balance and compensation can be achieved, seawater can corrode the internal parts of valve actuators, seriously affecting product performance and life. In order to realize the effective compensation of pressure balance and volume inside and outside the actuator, to improve the performance and life of the product, to reduce the size and weight, it is necessary to carry out necessary research on this functional structure.

    Summary of the Invention

    In view of the above problems, the object of the present invention is to provide a deep-sea valve actuator that has a simple structure and can dynamically balance the internal and external pressure of the valve actuator with the depth of water.