Electro-hydraulic control valve system of electric high pressure ball valve

- Apr 27, 2018-

In the face of today's society, a variety of electric operating systems are almost replaced by old equipment. Such a feature, for all companies and factory owners, is a great pleasure. Because in the past, the workers can not avoid the operation, so the company needs to be consumed by the workers pay is very much. In the face of workers ' wages, the cost of the company is very large.

However, in today's case, such as electric high-pressure ball valve after the operation of the more convenient not to say, just save the workers funds let the company drink factories have more profits to earn. The so-called electric high-pressure ball valve, in fact it is a switch from the original valve to the advanced valve, in the operation of the use of electric power operation, so, in the use of a whole process, is quite simple and good control. Electric high-pressure ball valve is a kind of sphere with a round channel to do the headstock, the general ball will be with the stem rotation, to achieve the opening and closing valve of such an action. This electric high-pressure ball valve of the headstock, in fact, is a ball with holes, and then around the axis perpendicular to the channel to rotate, so as to achieve the opening and closing of the entire channel.


    Moreover, the ball valve mainly provides for opening and closing the pipe or the equipment of the media only. The reason why the electric high-pressure ball valve can develop so well in modern times is due to the modern people's reliance on this tool and equipment. Also because of the dependence of this kind of equipment, also let this kind of equipment have the reason that can buy more, because it is very sturdy and durable. Especially for the pipeline industry, such electric automation equipment, can be adjusted throughout the control process equipment, is absolutely not be able to be overlooked. Many piping industries have never had any problems with the control system in the operating process since the electric high-pressure ball valve was installed.