Gas Encyclopedia 3 types of gas valves this is safe to use

- Apr 18, 2018-

Residents safe use of gas, you have to know how to use a variety of gas valves home.

There are 3 types of valves that need to know how to use them safely. 1. Residents of the public valve (that is, the main unit riser valve, high-rise residential gas pipe on the cut-off valve, corridor staircase of the total valve) prohibit any switch, no accident is strictly closed.

It is forbidden to open the accident after it has been closed. 2. Table Front valve (refers to access to each user after the gas table in front of a valve) for a long time without gas users, please close the table front valve.

When the gas facility of the front valve or the table front valve fails or other conditions occur, the table front valve should be closed and the repair telephone 96777 should be called to the professional for processing. 3. The stove front valve is the control valve between the gas pipe and the cooker hose. After each use of natural gas, the stove front valve must be closed. When the stove front valve fails, it should be repaired in time.