Import Valve vs Domestic Valve

- Apr 17, 2018-

At present, the valve has become China's equipment manufacturing industry in the rapid development of one of the industries, the type of valve is increasing, the various industries for valve quality and technology requirements are increasingly high.


  But like most machinery industry, the valve industry in China is also facing the bottleneck of the development of late start and poor foundation.


  Enterprises in the procurement, most of the more inclined to import products, even the industry insiders believe that "made than joint cargo, joint venture goods as imports." The so-called import, refers to the original imported products, from research and development to production entirely in foreign origin, strict implementation of foreign standards; The joint venture goods, as the name implies is the Chinese and foreign investors jointly established projects, by providing technology, talent, brand, in the domestic assembly, product implementation of European and American standards; made,


  Is by the Chinese people to design, manufacture, the implementation of national standards of products.


  Valve as a manufacturing base, in all walks of life have a wide range of applications, so the valve localization process has been a matter of great concern to the country. After years of efforts, China's valve localization has made very gratifying progress. For example, in the valve field, the key valve of the nuclear power station in the core has made a great breakthrough. Kaifeng High pressure valve million unit WB36 forged steel valve successfully developed; Chengdu by the wind valve large-caliber flat gate valve, Suzhou sunway Valve ball valve in the "West-East gas pipeline" successful application ... In some high requirements of the field, China's valve development and industrialization have a good performance.


  However, in the procurement of enterprises, still lack of trust in domestic valves, especially in the high-end areas, the pursuit of imports. So, the domestic valve and import valve is the best or inferior?


  Today, we will analyze it from the following points.


  Product quality There is no doubt that quality is the key factor for users to choose a product.


  The working environment of the valve is usually worse, therefore, the valve quality and service life is very important. Because of foreign research on the instrument valve early start, in the processing equipment and research and development level, relative to the domestic more advanced. But in recent years, China's valve quality has also been greatly improved.


  In the 80 's, our country began to organize the introduction of foreign instrument valve advanced design, technology and processing equipment, after decades of absorption, digestion, China's instrument valve manufacturing technology and quality has been greatly improved. In the field of low-end valves, domestic valve quality can be comparable to foreign countries.


  In the field of high-end valves, China is also increasing research and development efforts, continue to invest funds, and made a series of breakthroughs.


  Import Valve Recommended index: ★★★


  Recommended index of domestic valves: ★★☆


  Price The price is said to be in addition to the quality, the user chooses the product to consider the factor first. Import valve in the passage of customs, to add the last together with a tariff, fire tax and so on, coupled with our relatively low labor costs, which makes the production cost of domestic valves far lower than imported valves.


  It can be said that the same material, the same effect, the price of imported valves are several times the domestic valve. At the same time, the fierce market competition makes enterprises to improve market share, and strive to reduce production costs.


  In terms of cost-effective, domestic valves more advantages.


  Import Valve Recommended index: ★★☆


  Recommended index of domestic valves: ★★★


  After - sales service Valve Product after-sales service is the key link in marketing management, the user's attention to after-sales service more and more high. In this regard, domestic valves relative to the import valve, occupy a geographical advantage. Most of the domestic valve enterprises have professional engineers, and can be door-to-door guidance to provide a complete after-sales service.


  and import valve is more difficult to achieve timely after-sale products for repair, replacement work.


  Import Valve Recommended index: ★☆


  Recommended index of domestic valves: ★★★ Comprehensive, domestic valves not only import valves, after the sale and prices are slightly. Prejudices often produce and from do not understand, the technical strength of domestic valves and product quality has long been the same, give it more space and time to develop, I believe that the domestic valve will eventually be recognized by the user.