How does the cost of design affect the cost of the valve?

- May 09, 2018-


Now all industries are struggling to find ways to reduce costs, and Valves SA is no exception. Some valve industry bosses found that the cost of valve design was relatively large for their overall cost impact when reducing costs. So how does the valve design cost affect the overall cost of the valve? Let's look at it together.

The impact of design factors on costs is mainly reflected in the following aspects:

1, the rationality of the design of the product

The rationality of the functional design of the product will affect the manufacturing cost and market reputation of the product and affect the potential market for the product. Designing a product that satisfies the user's requirements and minimizes its own cost is the most rational design. Therefore, as a valve designer, it is necessary to extensively collect user data, carefully conduct statistics and analysis, and then determine the basic types of valves that are basically complete and have certain improvements. This is the final product of the series of valves.

This type can satisfy the requirements of most users. For those users who require higher performance and fewer functions, we can easily make changes and combinations based on this basic model to meet their requirements. Such a product is a reasonable design, in order to truly minimize costs to a reasonable level.

2, the structure of the product design rationality

The rationality of the structure of the designed product will affect the weight of the blank and the processability of the product, which will affect the raw material procurement costs and process costs. For valve designers, "reducing weight loss" is an eternal pursuit.

For the special pressure vessel of the valve, due to the complexity of its structure and shape, due to the uncertainty of the actual pressure, unfixed, due to the uncertainty of its actual bearing capacity on the engineering pipeline, due to the physics of the host material Instability of chemical properties, due to lack of corrosion data of various materials under different media and pressure, so far there is no set of perfect calculation theory of mechanical (strength, stiffness), which can not only meet the performance of the product, but also Make the product the lowest weight.

However, with the advancement of science, the development of materials science and mechanics theory, especially the application of computer technology in the field of material mechanics, we have gradually increased the computational power of materials, and how to better design a more reasonable structure and a more reasonable shape The more reasonable product will be the direction of every valve designer.

3, the rationality of the product design process

The rationality of designing the product will affect the rationality of the processing process and affect the processing cost. The simple and complex structure of products and components, the design of the processing surface, the design of the matching precision, and the design of the assembly form all affect the production of the model, the formation of the blank, the ease of the processing process, the amount of processing and the number of processing man-hours, and the assembly The ease, ease of painting and packaging, and so on. Therefore, a designer’s process experience is of paramount importance in designing.

As a qualified designer, not only must have the design, calculation capabilities, but also have a wealth of process knowledge, understand the entire production process of their own products. Regardless of whether the casting is modeled, cast, annealed, forged blank blanks, stamped, welded parts, welded, post-weld, or all parts machining methods and processes, assembly test procedures, and various standards The size and performance of the parts must have sufficient understanding. In this way, the actual design of their own process experience can be used to avoid product design waste in the process.

4, design product appearance rationality

The rationality of the appearance of the designed product will affect the market volume of the product and thus affect the volume cost. If the mechanical design industry has a popular experience, it is called "unsightful and unreasonable." In other words, if we design a product that does not look good, there must be an irrational place in terms of stiffness and strength. The unreasonable shape must be achieved by increasing the material in order to achieve the required strength and satisfy the performance. Therefore, reasonable shape design not only looks good, but also saves material and reduces costs.

Therefore, the user chooses a company's product according to its appearance. It must not be said that it is simply looking at the outside and not looking at the essence. It is also based on these considerations, like the German valve for the product packaging is also always strive to achieve a beautiful appearance, beautiful appearance, packaging intact. Because once this kind of product passes the trial, it is very easy to form the batch order, and if a product can form the batch production, its model utilization, material utilization, process fluency, management cost, etc. will be reduced greatly.

5, design product quality and reasonableness

The rationality of the quality of design products will affect the cost of product sales, especially after-sales service costs. The quality of a product not only determines the life of a product, but also determines a company's reputation, survival and development. Product quality For many users, they are pursuing the most comprehensive performance, the highest quality materials, the most complete quality, and the lowest price. For our valve manufacturing companies, we are pursuing the most reliable quality while paying more attention to how the product is the lowest cost. As a designer, it is necessary to find a balance between the needs of users and the pursuit of the enterprise from the perspective of design so that the interests of both parties can be reasonably maintained.

If the function of the product is imperfect and the quality is unqualified, various problems and failures will occur in the actual operation of the product. Therefore, manpower, material resources, and financial resources must be used to handle, solve, and improve the product. Many products that are profitable when they are sold have become profitable, unprofitable, and even loss-making after this process. There is no doubt that this kind of problem is a problem that plagues many companies. It not only affects the profits of the company, but also damages the image of the company and restricts the development of the company.