Talking about valve sales

- May 09, 2018-

Recently learned in the valve industry, the current situation in the valve industry is not optimistic, a lot of valve companies affected by weak domestic and foreign markets, the industry has seen a sharp decline in domestic and foreign orders, production tasks are obviously insufficient, sustained high growth for many years are falling, some Due to the sluggish production and sales of enterprises, there have been some problems in the turnover of funds. The development of the industry and enterprises have encountered difficulties in varying degrees.

It is expected that such a weak and difficult situation will be maintained until the end of this year and will affect the first half of next year. This round of new difficulties has affected the valve industry and is also the most difficult period for the valve industry since the financial crisis.

At the State Council's announcement of "Made in China 2025", we also saw that the valve equipment manufacturing industry has broad prospects driven by the four forces of industrialization, urbanization, reform, and globalization. The future will be high-end, localization, and modernization of the valve industry. Digitalization will be the main direction for the development of the valve industry in the future.

Faced with this situation, we must actively respond to it, as proposed: This is an opportunity for the company's Phoenix Nirvana to rejuvenate, intensify reforms and innovations, comprehensively improve efficiency and quality through reforms, and enhance KI brand influence through innovation. In order to gain more market share.

Basic conditions and requirements for valve sales


"Be sure to understand."

This is a concise summary of the valve sales, China's valve industry has formed a large and complete state, but most of the company's products do not achieve "excellence" in quality, and some companies are not under the conditions of production Products, and then let the sales staff to sell, give people a "one shot, change a place," deceive the money to leave the feeling, do not pay attention to after-sales service after the sale of products, the current pump valve The market has already presented a situation where supply exceeds demand, and most of the products are generalized products, and do not form their own leading, featured brands. These are external “quotations” that a salesman must know. What is the internal "quote"? "Take honesty and treat others as you do, and do 'three meetings' means: you will do it, you will say it, you will write it." Actually, sales people are the first person to be honest and treat people with integrity. They must be kind to everyone in the sales process. You will not buy your product, but you have to explain it carefully to them. In other words, while promoting the product, on the other hand, you are also promoting your character. Most of your customers will open your mind to “shield” under your honesty. This is very important for doing business.


Will do, say, write

“Doing it” means producing a product, that is, a salesman wants to know how the valve you are selling is produced, how each part of it is assembled and what it does, and of course most salesmen cannot go to the shop to produce the product. But you'd better walk around the shop, turn around, and know the product's ins and outs.

In this way, when you sell the valve, you can “be confident” to be able to “answer” and make the customer think that you know the valve very well. Otherwise, the customer will wonder if the salesman is not clear how the valve will come out. This will be very passive and not conducive to sales.

"What to say" is how the salesman communicates with the customer. How to convince you to choose the product you recommend in the same series of valves? Then, we must say the unique features and performance of the company's valves. The most important thing is that "Thinking what customers think" is what kind of products you want. You have to be clear about what kind of convenience and efficiency your valves can bring to you than the valves you used. To be able to say all the performance, characteristics, precautions for installation and commissioning of your recommended valve, etc., to be able to let customers know that you are an insider in this area, rather than being a “nest man”. In doing so, customers will treat you as an expert while accepting your products. More accepting you, especially for customers, you can give them various suggestions and opinions in later use

“Writing” means that the clerk can communicate with the customer, through the in-depth understanding of the valve, using the more intuitive structure diagram, and simply recommend the features of your product more vividly, making the customer truly see you The product is "out of the ordinary."

On the other hand, you can write a detailed copy for them when the customer requests it. This is mainly for companies that provide technical parameters and additional requirements to produce products.


Domestic and foreign sales differences

Foreign customers: We pay attention to the fact that the sample materials and physical requirements provided by the company are the same, because we are paying attention to the products that are “like everything”. Do not want to promote the company's products through the trick of "kicking sheep and buying dog meat."

Domestic customers: While domestic customers focus on quality, they mainly focus on services, especially on whether the manufacturer has installed, commissioned, or tested the customer.


Valve sales skills

Basic preparation

Opportunities belong only to those who are prepared to do it. They must be fully prepared to do anything. They are always in preparation for the war.

The more prepared a person is, the lucky god will often come to him and the chance will increase.

Prepare for success.