Technical requirements and features of hydraulic suction check Valve

- Apr 21, 2018-

Application of hydraulic suction check Valve


The hydraulic suction check valve is installed in the pumping level pipeline drawn from the middle and low pressure steam pipe of the turbine, mainly to prevent the steam or accident in the exhaust pipe from being backward, which causes the turbine speeding.

Characteristics of hydraulic SUCTION check valve: 1, the valve plate with a large bevel, shorten the opening off the trip, hydraulic support to achieve rapid open and close, three-dimensional eccentric seal structure, open seal that is separated, close contact that is sealed, easy and flexible opening and closing.

(≤dn250 using cut-off type)

2, the valve plate is assisted to close the thrust, to achieve the cut-off, stop back.


3, fast shutdown time up to 0.5~1 seconds, emergency cut safe and reliable.

Hydraulic suction Check Valve Technical Requirements:

1. Hydraulic Source Interface: RC1/2

2. Hydraulic Cylinder Operating Pressure: 2.0 MPa,

3. Emergency cut-off time 0.5-1 seconds

4. Connection Flange: jb/t79-94 gb/9113.2000

5. Structure Length: GB 12221-89 6. Power supply Voltage: ac220-dc24v (note when ordering)