Types and selection criteria of control valves for refrigeration equipment

- Apr 21, 2018-

As a major manufacturing country, China's annual production of various types of export products, is the world's largest sales. In many export industries, refrigeration equipment also occupies a certain share. The rapid development of refrigeration equipment, so that many engaged in refrigeration accessories around the merchants, see the future bright prospects.

Today we are talking about the selection standard of control valves in refrigeration equipment. First of all, what is the control valve? The control valve is also called the regulating valve, which is mainly applied in the field of industrial automation Process control. Its function is to change the media flow, pressure, temperature and so on. The applicable medium is air, water, steam, various corrosive medium. The use of materials are cast iron, cast steel, stainless steel and so on. Drive mode has manual, pneumatic, electric, self-type.

This is the concept of the control valve. Then what are the types of control valves? There are many kinds of control valves in the market, commonly used valve body has straight through single seat, through two-seater, angular, diaphragm, small flow, tee, eccentric rotation, butterfly shape, sleeve type, spherical, etc.

When choosing, you can refer to the following criteria:

Consider abrasion resistance: if the fluid medium is a suspension containing high concentrations of abrasive particles, the internal material of the valve will be harder.

Consider corrosion resistance: as the medium is corrosive, try to choose a simple structure valve.

Consider the medium temperature, pressure: when the medium temperature, pressure and large changes, to choose the spool and seat materials by temperature, pressure changes small valve. Consider preventing flash and cavitation: Flash and cavitation are only produced in liquid media.

In the actual production process, flash and cavitation will form vibration and noise, shorten the service life of the valve, so in the selection of valves to prevent the valve from flashing and cavitation.

Consider spool shape structure: mainly based on the selected flow characteristics and imbalance factors such as the consideration. Through the above content, the control valve has been the selection of standards to speak in detail. I believe that in the future, you will be used in the selection of accessories. No matter what kind of refrigeration equipment can not be separated from these, have the relevant role of mechanical parts, if the machine will not solve the problem, in time to communicate with the manufacturers, so that manufacturers to send special personnel to adjust or repair.