Where do you need to choose a safety valve?

- May 07, 2018-

Safety valve selection is important in three aspects:

First, pressure

For equipment safety and continuation processes, design pressure, opening pressure, and operating pressure are involved. For safety valves, the opening pressure, overpressure, and seatback pressure are involved. How to match the three pressures of the three pressures and processes Also consider the back pressure applied in working conditions, and the proportion of back pressure and cracking pressure, and select different types of safety valve products according to the percentage.

Second, the temperature

Because the safety valve is almost all metal materials, the performance of the metal material is affected by temperature, especially the strength of the metal material is greatly affected by the temperature, the higher the temperature, the poorer the stability of the metal material, the lower the strength coefficient, so at different temperatures Under different conditions, different materials and different wall thickness safety valves should be selected.

Third, the media

The process media can be divided into the following categories: toxic, hazardous, flammable, explosive, general-purpose, medium, etc. Such gases as helium, neon, argon, neon, and helium must be recovered and used, and highly toxic media such as polyurethanes must not be directly discharged into the atmosphere and must be recycled into safety assemblies. For safety valve manufacturers, it is necessary to understand the user's process system, understand the user's concerns and the purpose of use, in order to select the safety valve products for the user to meet the process requirements.

In terms of type selection, generally speaking, engineering companies and design institutes will provide technical parameters, and propose a preliminary selection program, including the basic requirements for the implementation of safety valves, standards, parameters, materials, etc. Is a general requirement, but different process flow requirements for safety valve selection, safety valve manufacturers need to put forward accurate solutions based on general requirements.

Under normal circumstances, the parameters provided by the design institute are not the final data, and modifications and adjustments will be made according to the manufacturer's opinions. At the same time, the manufacturer will also conduct technical exchanges on materials, calculations, etc. according to the user's special requirements. The three parties will determine one through consultation. The final solution.