Working principle and structure characteristic of eccentric hemisphere valve

- Apr 16, 2018-

Eccentric Hemisphere valve working principle: Eccentric hemisphere valve due to the use of mechanical cam principle, valve closure from the opening to the closure of the process, the role of the valve seal on the sealing force is gradually increased, that is, the closure of the surface and the seat from the complete disengagement to contact, is gradually increasing the sealing pressure until fully sealed and vice versa.


This has greatly improved the traditional seal state and sealing effect of the ball valve, so it has the characteristics of good regulation performance, large circulation ability, excellent sealing performance and long service life.

Eccentric Hemisphere valve Product features:

1, the advanced dual-flow valve seat structure design, thus nearly one step to meet customer demand.

2, reasonable design, compact structure, small size, light weight.

3, Metal seals (ball, valve seat) design, using advanced ball and seat hardening technology, can be used in high-temperature and other harsh conditions, with fire prevention, anti-static, explosion-proof function;

4, with the prevention of misoperation and valve stem fly-proof design;

5, the seal in the valve closed, due to the instantaneous friction reasons, so small friction, low torque, long service life.

6, the design of the metal sealing pair can be used for water, steam, oil and other cleaning medium working conditions, operating vitality.


7, can be formulated electric, pneumatic device, can achieve long-distance automation operation.

The eccentric hemisphere valve is divided into two kinds in appearance structure:

1, mounted eccentric hemisphere valve: mainly for erosion wear very serious media, the top of the structure in the damaged headstock parts replacement repair is very convenient, without the entire valve from the pipe removed, greatly saving the maintenance time and cost. 2, side-mounted eccentric hemisphere valve: the side-mounted compact structure, light valve quality, applicable to the valve installation space requirements of the occasion.