4 Debugging Technology Of Expansion Valve In Small Cold Storage

- Mar 28, 2018-

 Compared to the expansion valve installation, expansion valve debugging to master the technology than it is much simpler. A small series and we share 8 expansion valve in the small cold storage installation technology, I do not know whether we have understood? Then understand the small cold storage expansion valve installation, we have to continue in-depth discussion: expansion valve in small cold storage how to debug? 

    What skills do you need to master?

First, the evaporator outlet should use thermometer temperature or look at the suction pressure to check the overheating;

Second, the expansion valve has too much heat (too much liquid), adjust the rod should rotate clockwise half circle or a circle (that is, increase the spring force, reduce valve opening), so that refrigerant flow reduction, adjust rod thread rotation of the number of cycles should not be too much (adjust rod thread rotation One lap, over heat about change 1°-2°). Third, the expansion valve adjustment experience: Rotation adjustment rod thread change valve opening, so that the evaporator back to the trachea just can frosting or condensation.

On the evaporation temperature of less than 0 degrees refrigeration device, if the frosting after the hand touch, there is a cold feeling of the hands stick, at this time the opening is appropriate; to the evaporation temperature of more than 0 degrees, then the visual condensation situation to judge. Four, the expansion valve correct debugging, directly affect the cold storage cooling effect and energy saving. Cold storage cooling slow, many for expansion valve improper adjustment, according to the thermodynamic nature of refrigerant, the lower the pressure, the lower the relative temperature; the higher the pressure, the higher the temperature. The expansion valve is the most important regulation. Expansion valve Opening degree is small, refrigerant through the flow of less, pressure is also low; expansion valve opening degree, refrigerant through the flow of more, pressure is also high.