What Is The Effect Of The Electronic Expansion Valve Refrigeration?

- Mar 29, 2018-

Electronic expansion valve is widely used in the inverter air-conditioning system, because the role of the expansion valve is now well-known manufacturers and customers. Also because of "coal to change electricity" upsurge, electronic expansion valve refrigeration function is further known. As a result of its refrigeration function is recognized by the majority of customers, thus, a large number of customers will be the original use of the thermal expansion valve to replace the new electronic expansion valve.

So, the refrigeration effect of electronic expansion valve is carried out in larger scale. Electronic expansion valve energy-saving environmental advantages, will make it more and more rapid development. The electronic expansion valve has the characteristics of large flow conditioning, high precision, power saving, etc. There are also refrigerant can be positive and negative two direction activities of the advantages, is widely used in high-grade inverter air-conditioning. The application of electronic expansion valve in the inverter air-conditioning system, not only can satisfy the requirements of refrigerant flow change, and also from the greatest extent to play the advantages of inverter air-conditioning, improve the system refrigeration capacity.