Application Principle Of Metal Vacuum Valve And Introduction Of Its Using Method

- Mar 30, 2018-

    Metal vacuum valve is in the vacuum system, used to change the direction of airflow, adjust the gas flow, cut off or connect the pipeline vacuum system components called vacuum valves.

The following is a brief introduction to the vacuum valve:

High vacuum cartridge valve drive device can be placed on the side Usually the height of the board valve is high, which has the disadvantage of large space of equipment height.

To overcome this disadvantage, we design the drive device on the side, which greatly shortens the height of the valve and reduces the cost of the equipment space.

High vacuum butterfly valve adopts high platform design

General pneumatic, electric high vacuum butterfly valve is the installation of stent/connection sleeve, the company's scientific design of the direct installation of high platform, so that the installation of actuators become simple.

Small-caliber high vacuum baffle valve body are precision castings High-tech precision casting technology and equipment, so that stainless steel castings can fully obtain a compact structure. There is no ' blowhole, loose, sand ' and other casting defects. The appearance is neat and beautiful. Valve body Leakage Rate index is better than 10-10pa.m3/s.

It is suitable for ultra high vacuum working condition.

GYC-JQ Series Electromagnetic high vacuum pressure differential pneumatic valve to prevent the return of oil can be greatly improved Through the improvement of the structure of the high vacuum pressure differential type inflatable valve, the product performance is more reliable and more suitable for the mechanical vacuum pump working condition requirements. The following three key energy factors have been promoted: (1). The shutoff time is shortened to 0.7 seconds, more favorable to prevent the return of oil; (2). The opening valve time is slightly delayed, only the vacuum reaches a certain value after the valve can be opened, if there is no pressure difference then return to the open state; (3). The product's vacuum leak rate index is improved,

From the original low vacuum value to high vacuum, can fully meet the requirements of high vacuum conditions, such as the higher requirements of the rotary vane pump inlet valve.

Unique one-piece high vacuum regulating ball valve throttle to adjust the pumping speed is more advantageous

All-in-one high vacuum regulating ball valve adopts V-type throttle orifice to make the adjustment of pumping speed more superior, installed in the main gas pipe of single crystal furnace to adjust the furnace pumping rate, changed the old ' butterfly valve + baffle valve ' combination form.

Gdc-j Electromagnetic high vacuum baffle valve and DDC-JQ solenoid vacuum gas valve coil for long periods of time no heat is generated The Scientific circuit control and the electromagnetic road design make solenoid valve coil always work in the state of efficient energy saving. At room temperature 30 ℃ continuous work 72 hours coil external temperature ≤55℃, product shell temperature is lower. And the electronic components are not hot. This will never cause the coil to burn out.