Common Fault Handling Method Of Regulating Valve

- Apr 23, 2018-

In industrial automation instrumentation, the control valve is cumbersome, coupled with simple structure, often not people pay attention to. However, it is in the process pipeline, the working conditions are complex, once there are problems, we are busy hands busy feet. Because of its bulky, the problem is difficult to find accurate, often thankless, but also involved in system operation, system complete, regulate quality, environmental pollution and so on. The following 60 common troubleshooting methods, most of which come from the author's work practice, can be used to adjust the failure analysis, processing reference, this on site maintenance personnel, technicians are certain to help. Extending the life of the method has a large opening of the work extended life method to allow the valve to start at the maximum degree of work, such as 90%. Reducing the pressure difference ratio, regulating valve pressure difference between the two ends of the system pressure drop ratio, narrowing the diameter to increase the work extension life, the transfer of damage to prolong life, increase throttle channel life, change the direction of extension life, the use of special materials extended life method, change valve structure extension life method.