What Is The Role Of Intelligent Dynamic Balance Valve In The Integrated Temperature Control System?

- Apr 24, 2018-

 Every winter, most of our country will start heating, especially in the cold areas of the north, but each household can not be separated from heating equipment. But since the temperature of the hot water in the pipe is not static, there will always be the front end of the hot end of the situation, which is also a lot of thermal company headaches, in order to improve the end of the user's home in one or two degrees and waste a lot of energy to improve the overall temperature, but this is only a symptom and not the root causes of the practice. Until the advent of the integrated temperature control system, it is effective to alleviate the heating of this "long-standing" problem.

In this, the intelligent dynamic balance valve plays a very important role, then what is the intelligent dynamic balance valve? The intelligent dynamic balance valve allows the valve to change according to the pressure difference of the water system, ensure that it will not exceed the original set of water flow and absorb excessive pressure difference, so as to realize the whole water system pressure and flow automatic balancing. For the construction unit: Save the project cost, improve economic efficiency, no need for system debugging. It can save a lot of time for the project, shorten the construction period, make the project completed ahead of schedule, save the construction cost and improve the benefit; no need to install the same process management: can increase the use of the project area and space, save installation and material costs. For owners: Easy to use, easy to change, reduce energy consumption. Easy to use: Engineering construction is more flexible, engineering installation phased completion or equipment phased use will not affect the water system balance; • Easy to change: when water systems in certain areas need to be redesigned, they do not affect the design and balance of water systems in other areas, Reduce power consumption: As the entire water system is balanced, to ensure that the chiller unit (boiler, heat exchanger) and the pump to operate in the best working condition, has obvious energy-saving effect; reduce wear and waste reduction: because the water flow will not exceed the original design, to ensure the durability of all equipment, avoid excessive flow caused by the loss of copper pipe Improve safety: Because the flow balance of water system is automatic, eliminate the possibility of man-made destructive adjustment. For designers: reduced workload, more flexibility to reduce the workload: no need for the entire pipeline cumbersome drag calculation, speed up the design speed; You can boldly use the different programming system: save tubing, corresponding materials and installation costs,

    It is possible to avoid many other problems caused by water system imbalance by handing the balance hydraulic system to a dynamic flow balance valve. Therefore, the intelligent dynamic balance valve in the overall temperature control system plays a very important role, with it, users can according to their preferences to flexibly adjust their home temperature.