Fireproof Valve Material And Selection Requirements

- Apr 04, 2018-

Fire valve materials are generally: carbon material, galvanized plate, suitable for installation in the ventilation, air-conditioning system to send, return air duct, usually open state, fire when the flue gas temperature reached 70 degrees closed, and in a certain time to meet the leakage of smoke and fire-resistant integrity requirements, the role of smoke resistance. Fire-resistant valve exhaust fan should ensure that 280 ℃ can continue to work 30min. Electric operation function Exhaust valve (mouth) should be flexible and reliable to open the terminal block when it is 15 or high 10 lower than the rated working voltage. The power cord is threaded into the output terminal of the output module to connect the valve power cord. High-level and other modern buildings are equipped with ventilation, air-conditioning and smoke control system, in the event of a fire, these systems in the pipeline will become flame, smoke extension channel. Smoke vent: consists of exhaust valve and louver tuyere or plate tuyere, used in smoke exhaust system rocket system dedicated exhaust pipe. Fire-resistant valves are widely used in life, therefore in the selection of fire valve manufacturers to be cautious: first of all, do not choose to quote too low fire valve manufacturer, the price of finished fire valve can not be lower than the cost of sales, if the manufacturer quotes below the market price, you have to consider carefully; second, consider the quality of fire valve manufacturers,

Unlicensed enterprise production of fire valve products do not have quality assurance; Finally, the purchase of fire valve before, as far as possible to the manufacturer to obtain product inspection reports, only the regular manufacturers will be submitted to the test, illegal manufacturers of products unqualified, nature can not get the inspection report. The execution organization of fire-fighting valve is composed of shell, blade conditioning organization, backrest wheel, measuring fuse, etc. The mechanism is through the Non-metallic fusible sheet and the backrest Wheel organization to master the rotation of the blades, it adopts the principle of machine drive, because it is not required electricity, gas and other power, in other words, the fire valve can be protected under any condition can play a fire-proof role. Moreover, it will not waste resources to form conditions to purify. Automatic fire protection valve device in the ventilation, atmosphere conditioning system of the delivery, air return trajectory, usually closed form, when the fire in the ballistic smoke measurement reached 70 degrees open, and in a certain period of time to be satisfied with the amount of smoke and fire-resistant integrity of the request, from the role of smoke flame resistance.