Application Of Gear Drive To Valve Electric Device

- Apr 05, 2018-

 Electric device (also known as electric actuator) is an electric valve driving device to control valve opening and closing, is the valve to achieve remote control, set control and automatic control of the essential driving equipment, widely used in power plants, petrochemical, metallurgy, mining and utilities and other fields. Traditional valve electric device on the acquisition and transmission of position feedback signal of the travel transmission mechanism, most of the use of bevel gear transmission or staggered-axis helical gear transmission, its manufacturing precision requirements, assembly, adjustment problems, increase the overall cost of electric equipment.

    In addition, the installation adjustment will inevitably cause errors, easy to lead to travel gear gear surface wear, and even card Deng fault. In view of the above reasons, it is suggested that the application of the surface gear drive in the travel drive mechanism of the valve electric device can greatly reduce the failure.

    At the same time, because the gear in the face gear drive is cylindrical spur gear, the axial adjustment is not necessary when the assembly is installed, and the installation error of the axial direction has no influence on the transmission, which greatly improves the reliability of the travel transmission. The early surface gear drive is used in transmission system with low transmission precision and low load, such as chain-free bicycles and fishing reel. With the development of the opposite gears, the surface gears are more and more applied to the high precision, high speed and high power aircraft. The United States will apply the surface gear drive in the new type of helicopter main reducer transmission (as shown in Fig. 2), compared with the original bevel gear transmission, the weight of the transmission device decreased by 40%, carrying capacity increased by 35%, and the shunt effect is good, vibration small, low noise. Because of the widespread use of the surface gears in the national defense industry, the research and application of gears in the opposite direction has been improved.