Pneumatic Valve Accessories Selection And Installation Techniques Introduced

- Apr 15, 2018-

Pneumatic valve common accessories include: air filter, reversing solenoid valve, limit switch, electrical positioner and so on. Pneumatic technology will be air filter, pressure reducing valve, mister three kinds of air source processing components together called a pneumatic three-piece, used to enter the pneumatic instrument air purification filter and decompression to the instrument supply rated air source The pressure is equivalent to the function of the power transformer in the circuit.

Pneumatic valve fittings selection:

1. Pneumatic actuators: 1 double acting, 2 single acting, 3 model specifications, 4 action time.

2, solenoid valve: 1 single control solenoid valve, 2 dual control solenoid valve, 3 use voltage, 4 explosion-proof type

3, signal feedback: 1 mechanical switch, 2 proximity switch, 8 output current signal, 4 use voltage, 5 explosion-proof type.

Pneumatic valve installation and use

(1) Before the pneumatic valve is installed and used, the valve must be checked before installation and the switch operation test. Only use the normal operating conditions to install and use.

(2) The installation of the pneumatic valve should be as concentric as possible with the flange of the pipeline and be supported and fixed. Can not make the ball valve by other external forces, so as not to damage the valve seal and valve deformation. Causes valve failure and valve damage and cannot be used.

(3) Ensure that the power supply for the pneumatic ball valve and pneumatic components must be clean and free of oil and water as much as possible. Cleanliness should be less than 0.4 microns.