What Is Honeywell's Automatic Exhaust Valve Working Principle?

- Apr 16, 2018-

 Honeywell Automatic exhaust valve using the float with the pressure of the liquid surface, the linkage of the exhaust device open and close, to achieve the purpose of automatic discharge. When the gas is collected into the valve body, because of the pressure, valve body liquid surface down, float with it down, when it falls to the lower limit, linkage lever system, open exhaust valve mouth, release with pressure gas, as a result of pressure in the valve to reduce the liquid surface with the above move, float up, in the spring elastic effect, the exhaust port closure.

The gas is continuously collected, discharged, collected, and discharged to complete the automatic exhaust process of piping and equipment systems.

    Honeywell Automatic Exhaust valve characteristics

    1, excellent sealing performance, sealing ring pad using high temperature synthetic rubber, completely eliminate leakage troubles.

    2, the exhaust quantity is big: the exhaust quantity and the system pressure is proportional. 3, easy to maintain: direct rotation of the valve body cleaning, does not affect the normal operation of the system.