What Are The Advantages Of Valve Insulation Sleeve?

- Apr 06, 2018-

Valve insulation sleeve is an important heating parts, we in the use of the process, often not enough attention, in the valve disassembly, will be installed in the valve insulation material as a maintenance of the difficulties, if the demolition or installation of insulation materials easily produce harmful to the human body of fiber stimulation,

    So unless you have to, you can redo the insulation.

    The main advantages of the valve insulation sleeve are:

    The insulation performance of the valve insulation sleeve is in accordance with the stipulated technical requirements;

    Installation and disassembly are relatively easy, do not need to undergo special training, installation or disassembly of a single set does not take too much time, can save more than 50% of the manpower;

    Valve insulation sleeve can be used repeatedly, in the normal use of the case, the valve can be used more than 10 years;

    Valve insulation sleeve price is cheap;

    Valve insulation sleeve waterproof and corrosion-resistant, can be used in the underground pipe network;

Valve insulation sleeve does not contain asbestos, is the use of environmentally-friendly heat insulation materials produced. Insulation materials commonly used in the metal protective layer, mainly galvanized thin steel, aluminum alloy plate and stainless steel plate.

    The main features are beautiful appearance, rain-proof characteristics, but also there are some defects: cannot be pressed.

    Those protective layers will be distorted after the collision, can not play the role of sealing, and then the water will be poured into the insulation, causing insulation failure, heat loss increased. The price is high.

    These protective layer of the price is higher, so often stolen, can be transformed into other places to use, once the protective layer is stolen, the insulation layer on the outside, after the wet rain, insulation performance will be lost, and will increase heat loss, there is a certain security risks.

    Although the metal protective layer has the function of preventing rain and aesthetics, but does not have the function of insulation, because of the large thermal conductivity of metal, heat loss is also large.

    The composite outer protective layer has no metal protective coating effect, and is used in recent years. Because there are some defects in the metal protective layer, the protective layer of magnesium steel is introduced, which has better performance.