Carbon Steel Manual Twin Seal Plug Valve

Carbon Steel Manual Twin Seal Plug Valve

Carbon Steel Manual Twin Seal Plug Valve;Temperature of Media:-46℃~560℃ based on material,Port Size:DN15-600(1/2"~24"),Place of Origin:China (Mainland),Model Number:BZ943X,Brand Name:EO,Face to Face Standard:ANSI B16.10; GB/T12221.

Product Details

Quick Details
Standard or Nonstandard:Standard
Pressure:Class150lb~2500lb; PN20~100MPa,etc
Power:Handlever, Worm Gear, Pneumatic, Electric
Material:Cast Iron, WCB+HCR,WCC+HCR,CF8,CF8M,CF3,CF3M
Temperature of Media:-46℃~560℃ based on material
Media:Water, Oil, Gas, LNG, Sea Water, etc
Port Size:DN15-600(1/2"~24")
Place of Origin:China (Mainland)
Model Number:BZ943X
Brand Name:EO
Connection Type:Flanged, Welding, Sleeve Type
Design & Manufacturer Standard:API594,AIP6D,ASME B16.34;CB/T12240/GB/T22130/HG/T3704
Face to Face Standard:ANSI B16.10; GB/T12221
Connection Standard:ANSI B16.5, ANSI B16.47A,ANSI B16.47B;GB/T17241.6/GB/T9113.1
Pressure Test Standard:API598/API6D;GB/T13927
Packing Material:Flexible Graphite, PTFE
Plug Material:WCB+ENP,A105,ECC+ENP,CF8,CF8M,CF3,CF3M
Standard Range:ASME, API, DIN, GB,etc
Color:To Order


Plug Valve Main Parts Material:

Parts NameMaterial
BonnetCast Iron, WCB,WCC,CF8,CF8M,CF3,CF4M
StemA182 F6A,A182 F304,A182 F316,A182F304L,A182 F316L
O RingFPM, Silicon Rubber, Vition, NBR
HandwheelCarbon Steel,WCB,WCC

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