Pneumatic Safety Relief Electric Pressure Bypass Valve

Pneumatic Safety Relief Electric Pressure Bypass Valve

Pneumatic Safety Relief Electric Pressure Bypass Valve;Structure:Control,Power:Pneumatic,Temperature of Media:High Temperature,Port Size:Standard,Place of Origin:China (Mainland).

Product Details

Quick Details
Standard or Nonstandard:Standard
Pressure:High Pressure
Material:Stainless Steel
Temperature of Media:High Temperature
Port Size:Standard
Place of Origin:China (Mainland)
Model Number:VVF47.50/VVF47.65/VVF47.80/VVF61.80/VVF43.65-63/VVF43.80-100
Brand Name:EO
Application:Water supply and drainage
Body material:stainless steel
Name:control valve
Medium:Oil steam water


The body uses iron coated sand casting process compared with the traditional technology, there is no swelling phenomenon, body wall thickness, no pores, trachoma material of high density, more exquisite appearance The valve body and stainless steel valve port in the casting process once molding, the valve port will not have deformation phenomenon, long time high temperature use will not exist outside the valve leakage phenomenon, to ensure that the valve port factory pressure test 0 leakage. This foundry technology has obtained national patent in our company. The sealing ring is made of PTFE+ carbon fiber material, which has better wear resistance The paint paint line and drying equipment make the paint adhesion stronger, the anti-corrosion effect is better, the valve body gloss has been significantly improved.

series temperature control valve is based on the principle of liquid expansion and contraction,and adjusts the opening of valve by changing the pressure of liquid volume in the temperature package,so as to control the heat medium flow and control the temperature of the heated medium.

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