Precautions in valve operation

- Apr 12, 2018-

The correct operation of the valve directly affects the service life, and relates to the smooth production and safe production of equipment and devices. In operation, the following issues should be noted.


High-temperature valves, when the temperature rises above 200°C, the bolts are heated and stretched, which makes it easy for the valve to seal tightly. At this time, the bolts need to be “heat-tightened”. When they are hot-tight, they should not be carried out in the fully closed position of the valves. In order to avoid the top of the stem, after opening difficult.


In the season when the temperature is below 0°C, the valve for stopping the steam and stopping the water should pay attention to opening the thread plug at the bottom of the valve and discharging the condensate and stagnant water so as not to freeze the valve. Valves and intermittent valves that do not remove water must be insulated. The packing gland should not be pressed too tightly. The valve stem should be operated flexibly. It is wrong to think that the tighter the gland pressure is, because it will increase the wear of the stem and increase the operating torque. Without protective measures, do not use pressure to replace or add fillers.


In the operation, by listening, smelling, watching, and touching the abnormal phenomena discovered, the operator must carefully analyze the causes and solve them by himself. They should be promptly eliminated and the repairman must be resolved. They should not be forced to cope, so as not to delay repairs.


The operator should have a special log or logbook, note the operation of various types of valves, especially some important valves, high temperature and high pressure valves and special valves, including the valve's transmission, and note the failure of the valve and its causes. Processing methods, replacement parts, etc., are undoubtedly very important to the operator himself, the repairer and the manufacturer. The establishment of specialized logs has clear responsibilities and is conducive to strengthening management.